Friday, November 21, 2014

Silver path in Iao

Silver magic lights the opening
From the jungle to the cliffs so high
Iao’s trails welcome the rain
Bringing it’s forests such new life

Shining forth upon the leaves
Reflecting on the black lava rocks
waters to the streams
flow to oceans far below

Breathe in the light so bright
And clear the mind to see
The magic of this moment
And it’s brilliant mystery

Sounds of streams rejoicing
With Ripples in the ponds
Green leaves sparkle with Diamonds
That dance like open hands

All of natures celebration
Of life at the end of the day
Silver magic light comes
And washes dreams away

Such a sacred life force
Smiles for us to be
A part of its hidden power
And ancient mysteries

And the silver light shines forth
With aloha that grows and lives
With a joy to just be here now
And share in Maui’s gifts.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spirit Wind

What spirit blows these winds to be
A living force of mystic energy
What spirits brings these gusts to me

What whispers do these winds now speak
As they rustle leaves and move with such force
What sounds do they hint as words unheard
Who listens and translates what’s oh so near.

What spirit bends the branches back
And crosses waves with white foams crest
and tosses birds across the sky
as it breathes this presence to heavens on high

What spirit calls these winds to me
And plays such strange games
to watch and feel

The power of nature
The mana of life
Theses forces that come
We cannot deny

What spirit blows these winds to be
A part of our swirling destiny
As the earth breathes into the air
And we watch in awe at the beauty here

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Far does your Light Shine

How far does that light you are reach
Does it chase the clouds
that have touched the heavens
carried by wind that has kissed the ocean and waves

Where does it beam forth from
As it journies across this land
Does it merge with the sun
And create a rainbow that glows

How far deep do those waves of light go
Do they follow the sound of your heartbeat
Through the pathways unknown
rippling in waters til they reach the shores below

let the light of your heart
Shine as bright as the stars
Let the souls power be found
To guide you so far

Exceed the limitations your mind might hold
You can reach the heights of heaven
 from the depths of your soul

For you are made of such pure energy
from the source of creations glow
far beyond the reaches of time
you came here from heaven to walk on this earth below

You might never know
How far the light you are can reach
So let your imagination believe
That you are part of the infinite light shining through eternity

Let the Light in Your Soul
Shine as bright as the stars
Find the power of Greatness that you can be
Alive in the light of love in your heart
And how far that this light that you are can reach

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mystical Meditation, Violet flame of love

Mystical Meditations

Violet energy infusion

Find a Quiet spot to meditate.
Make yourself comfortabel
Light a candle and sit with the spine erect.

Allow the Mystical Light and Love of Christ to come into the Body, Mind and Soul.
Now breathe in the pure essence of the master’s light, and release with the sound of ahhhhhhh. Do this three times.

Visualize Brilliant light from the highest realms creations source to come down as a V into the center of your heart. With the ray so light from the left side of the v holding the divine Masculine and the left rays the divine feminine. These two pure rays of energy that form the V come and meet in the center in the heart chakra. Once the light comes into the heart see it becoming a living violet flame that purifies the heart chakra.

Put your hand over your heart and feel the energy. Allow the love vibration that is the energy of the Christ to come into you heart. Repeat the word love, love love.
See the energy of this light the spark of love within.

Visualize the violet flame burning in the center of a pyramid.
Now see the pyramid spinning clockwise clearing any old blocks away.
The heart chakra is alive with the living light of God’s pure love.
This healing love clears away any old resentments or fear. It allows healing and forgiveness to come into the heart.

The Violet light fills the body as it spirals  around now as you bring the sound of love down through the body and spins down to the ground.

Repeat again and to the sound of Ahhhh as you breathe the light rays the heart. When the light enters the heart and turns violet breathe out with huuuuuu.

Repeat this exercise and feel it infusing and transforming the energy you have
In your body, mind and soul…..

Be still with this energy and see a brilliant white light creating white protective
Aura of energy surrounding the entire body.

Say, “I the manifested self through the magical power of my nature redeem, restore and revitalize myself.  The pure light and love of God is here alive in my heart and soul. I thank God for this blessing and so it is.”

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Truth strips us naked
Reaching the bare soul
We become forged
Sculpted by time
With life spinning us into the cosmic dance
Til we merge with the stars
And breathe in the spirit of creation
Merged face to face what love has always known

We find the courage to be
All that was once promised
Once by the master to our soul

And now a new reality
Calls us to bridge the new formless form
Free to wish ourselves to give
What is our real hope
When we blow out those candles
When we recognize that star
As part of who we are

We face the creator
We welcome our soul
We become the love
We were born to know

We are fearless
One with all love
We are whole