Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The clouds of Heaven

Under the clouds of Heaven
Standing on the velvet green of spring
Comes a breath of the angels presence
with the message the Master brings

Dawn is breaking on this Island
And the song of the guardians can be heard
And there is a silent calling
Of the sacred self to be observed

And love is alive in this moment
And the energy of light is seen
And the precious blessings can be accepted
As the heart opens and God’s love is revealed

The perch to heaven is here right now                                                            
And the great wings of the angel spread across the sky
For the Soul of light has spoken
And you there is great Joy now inside

And you are welcomed to a brand new dawn
And you can fly so high
And touch the robe of the Lord of love
And be blessed with spirit that is alive

And you look up at the Magic
And feel the power of God has come
And you breathe in all the love and light
To find new hope that comes as Heaven touches earth again

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We can Choose how we wish to be

I breathe in the peace from the infinite source of creation
I breathe in the light of the one love
I breathe in the power to be
the living light of God’s Great Love

                         For I am here to express the soul
And to bring the awareness
To my mind so that I can choose
How to live with the God’s Presence and be renewed

And so I become the energy of Pure Being
Merged with the body, mind and emotions
And so I can smile and see the beauty
in this exquisite pallete of God’s creation

And when I spin out of control
And when the ego wishes to use me
I can always stop for a moment
And breathe in Peace and know

I am able to choose Love
I have a place of Peace inside
And there is always the choice to stop
and let God be in control

and so I say Thank You God
and so I find the strength to be
the living of love of God’s perfect energy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Vision

The Whole Picture

Oh to view the whole picture
Of this magnificent tapestry of life
We remove ourselves out of the egos control
Into the power of the vision of the soul

To understand what is really happening in our life
We reach into the heart of hearts
To feel what the spirit at the core of everything
Can tell us is what is what love needs

So Listen, listen closely to the heart
Behold the vision of the overview to know
We are here to allow the divine presence to be
Alive inside of us so we can really feel and see

How we are part of the greater picture of life
Part of the universal heart and mind
That is eternally alive in us
And invites us to drink from the chalice of light

Merge with the vision of the master plan
Let the heart symphony sing through you
to serve the will for greater good
and so bring light and love to our fellow man 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Breathe a new Breath of Light
Reveal you heart of heart to Receive
the birthing of the Presence to find
God’s love in you is complete

And we awaken to the infinite Grace of Being
This cosmic breath that brings such hope
With a beloved embrace of acceptance
and compassion holding us in this perfect love

And our heart beats to the Cosmic calling of oneness
And our illusions of separation are washed away
And the Ones who hold the doorway to truth open
Usher us into a brand new Day

This was the promise made
This is the divine plan
And our souls have always held this destiny
And our life has always been drawn ever on

To be redeemed, to be restored, to be one with God,
through the Christ and so that we may
serve this infinite love and light
With each breath and each heartbeat of life we create

And so we say Happy Easter
And so we celebrate this day
And so we find great joy
In being alive with the presence of the Grace of God today

Saturday, April 19, 2014


From the Star that was born
of the One creations breath
Comes the time of transformation
At the gift of our rebirth

This light of God’s pure energy
lives within the soul of you
This is the power of the Christ’s love
That we discover eternally renews

For we are the resurrection and the way
A priceless gift that we inherited
from the sacrifice that was made
so long ago  when the path to heaven was laid

And we are given this blessing that is given
By the Masters who guide us to the one
We are just asked to believe
And to open our hearts to live forever on

the living Light of God is alive inside of you
And we can be transformed by this energy
And we can build a new body of light
Formed with the love we give in life

and this Grace that God brings
Holds a Holy Spirit so we can be
Able to open our hearts and souls
To the power that blesses us to live eternally

And we become the living love of perfect energy
For he has taught us how to be
With the presence of God’
with gift of transformation if we just believe

so at Easter morning we watch the rising sun
we open up our Hearts and souls
and we find the power of the one
that shares the blessings to come

and we merge with this sacred energy
for we are the resurrection and life
that was given to us by Christ
so long ago when that great Light came to life