Tuesday, March 3, 2015



      Faith is your Inner Knowing
Shining through the trials in the darkness
    To see you through to the Light

And when the Light can not be seen or felt
We still know with the Core of Our being
                 It is there

In the Passing Dreams of Light and Shadows
       We live and Move
   Yet always the Soul Awaits

    Breath in the Light
Even when you do not see it
    Breath in the Hope
Even when you do not feel it

     Call your Souls name
  And allow your faith to hold you
And lead you to the Awakening Dream
      Of  a New Truth
For I am Here with you always
    Waiting to Comfort you
And to release the Darkness and Fear
    The illusions shall Pass and
the Light Shall Give you Hope and Strength
to Overcome the Challenges that come

  Have Faith in the Outcome
And Let the Faith Lead you on

Let the Light Release the trials
And you can Smile and See the Truth
   That shall set you Free

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I never knew how to spell his name
Had heard a little about what he was trying to do
Russia is so far away and on the other side
 of whatever world I ever knew

His name was Boris Nemtsov
And he spoke out for truth
And it wasn’t till I heard the lightening strike
That I knew his words struck what was for right

The Thunder roared and woke me up
And the flash of lightening crossed the sky
And I knew his spirit was passing
On towards the other side

How do you speak the truth
And have the courage in face of danger there
And your papers and computer were confiscated
And you said that you had fear
That you felt your life would be taken
For speaking out against the powers there

And the assassin shot you in the back
On the bridge in the dead of night
And they raced off him off in waiting cars
As you died in the cold of Russian winter
In the shadow of the Kremlins lights

And now your voice speaks to me
And I know your name will live on
With the hero’s and the martyrs
Who stand up for freedom’s song

How can the truth be told?
In a country that threatens
Their people’s hearts and souls
With violence and killing without mercy

And still the truth lives in your memory
I know now how to spell your name
 Nemtsov you are a hero and martyr to me
And life should not be taken in vain
Let your spirit live on in Freedoms name

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What is really Good for us

Do we really know what’s good for us?

Do we really know what is good for us
Or are we drawn by some key words
that push our buttons that are designed
 to make us feel we need to buy what’s there

It sure seems there are always
Some big temptations offered
Designed to engage our ego
and convince our minds

But if we stop and look at the world
We can see a such great imbalance that is here
There are millions barely surviving
And then there is you and I

Can we really understand the way live
Is it possible to really know
How much of our consciousness is engaged
In what we think we know

If we take a few moments
To look at the way we live each day
Do we really know what is good for us
Or are we manipulated by what media may say

Often what may be best for us
May not be bought or sold
For every time we get more
In soon loses interest for us and gets old

If we take some time to stop and be still
And get back to the core values we may begin
to find what is really good for us
Is the inner power of love within

And that love can be given
To those who for who we really care
And we may find what we waste and throw away
Can help others in the world each day

For what is really good for us Is good for others too
So stop and take some time to think
About what is really important
And reset the true values be renewed

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When the Clock stops

When the clock stops

There is always a moment
Beyond this time and space
When the clock stops ticking
And we come face to face

With our soul that is always present
And a far greater reality
That we are forever part of
And we reunite with to finally be free

And we return to forever
And we discover the truth that never hides
And the love that is waiting
That cannot be denied

When the clock stops ticking
And we are finally free
Of this form and body
And are embraced by Creations pure being

And the love we have does not die
And we can send that energy there
To be sensed and received by the ones we loved
For in spirit they can always care

So open up your heart
And let yourself see the gifts that they gave us
And be grateful for the blessings of the time
That we can share with memories

When the clock stops ticking
It is never the end
Its just that life eternal
Can not be tracked by mortal men

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

your connection

If you have lost your connection
And you can’t seem to find your way home
And your gps is not coming through
And you just need some peace of mind

Then bring yourself back to the silence
And let yourself just be
Stop trying to figure it all out
And go into a sacred retreat

Go to the inner silence
And bathe in the stillness within
Place your self in the hands of God
And let the healing begin

If you have lost your connection
And there seems to be so much to do
Know that you can plug into the Source
All Power and Peace within you

There is a sacred sanctuary
You’ll find it in your soul
That still small voice in the silence
Will direct you where to go

You have an inner compass
There is a resource you can find
That is always waiting for you
When you seek it there inside

If your have lost your connection
Just stop and take some time
And take some deep breaths of Light
Connect to the source of Love in the universal mind.