Wednesday, July 30, 2014

not one of a kind

Cindy is unique & unusually not one of the kind;  She makes the effort to be her Work & Dream;  However,  when she finally goes beyond herself, She will become the infinite shadow of the universe.  How else could it be?
Jakusho Kwong Roshi, Head Abbot of the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center
Not One of a Kind
Though oh so real in spirit
How we wish to define
Our special qualities that seek to be near it

Not separate but One
In the energy at work here
Each offering what we can
To the time we have on this earthly sphere

All just visitors on this planet
Here to live and learn in this given space
We are just passing through
As we dwell for a time with the human race

And if we see past our differences
We may find that in spirit we are one
We can find the Unity
to live together on this planet we are on

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Look into the Masters Eyes

Look deep into the Masters Eyes
And see his radiant soul
For there within his gaze you’ll see
the Gift of  understanding to know

There is a scared heart of Love
And you can find a way to be
With a power that can heal you
In that perfect place of peace

Let the Master See into the depths
Of Who you really are
For he knows of your long journey
and the pain that can come when you travel so far

The Sacred Heart of the Master
Has the compassion to forgive
If you can but ask him
His eternal grace he will give

Are you open to receive
There is this great love that awaits you
Can you find a way to believe
That His love will see you through

For he is right there waiting
He will redeem you if you fall
so look in to the Eyes of the Master
He is there with when you call.

Monday, July 21, 2014

a Place of Peace

That place of OK

When your life seems to be spinning out of control
Faster than you can run
With an endless list of things to do
You can go within the soul

Just stop and take a moment
And be in the stillness there within
And be in that place of Peace
Free from the turmoil and schemes

And remember that the Master
Was called the Prince of Peace
For when you are centered in God’s Love
That is the gift that you will bring

For there inside your soul
There is that place of Peace
And it will bring you the light
To guide where you need to go

And with all the challenges you may face
you can always be OK and Know
How to be in that Place of Peace within
And let the Lord be in control

Blessings come in many forms
To many to even know
But if you go into the light
your life will be blessed through and through

SO take a little time
And go to that place inside
                       And join with those who pray
                      And find that place of peace each day

                       Let’s bring God’s Love and Light
Into everything you say and do
And as we live with goodwill in our heart
We can understand how to live together in peace as one

Friday, July 18, 2014

Creations Dream

These dancing dreams layered on Creations heart
These layers of maya so sweet they seem true
Swirling me ever on, through eternity
Til I once again return home to you.

These fragrant flowers that greet my day
And the sound of light  from the rainbow
revealing heavens promise
Of what may be a place I could stay

How do you dance with Spirit
In the silent space where we do meet
Sitting in the quiet radiance
At the breaking of the day

where Creations dream keeps calling
In the ever present now
Is it the master that led me here
To reach a promise kept in another sphere

And when open our eyes to a new Bright day
And another song to dance to
is it just another dream
or the greater Reality of a higher pathway.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Merging

How would you merge with spirit
With a breath, with a realization beyond words
How would you merge with spirit
This power within speaks to us and can be heard

It is there in every moment
In every atom of life
It holds the energy of creation
And is alive in our souls pure light

It is there in the very chalice
That powers forth the blessings of love
And you can drink from source that supplies it
And see into the realms from Heaven above

And as we allow the merging
We find that Master within
Is there always to reach us
As we serve a higher purpose we begin again

The merging and the emerging
Can be seen at the break of Dawn
It is there meeting of Dark and Light
And in the visions of  timeless ones

So take a breath of Spirit
And dwell with God’s Blessings of light
And see it at work in everything
When you let love guide you in life