Friday, August 29, 2014

what spark could light that star

What spark could light that star
That shines from so far
Yet somehow still manages to reach me here
and speaks a universal language as it appears

And what creates those clouds across the sky
That come like those thoughts that cross my mind
And they can hide the light of those billions of stars
And they can distract my presence of a soul to find

So I burn away the clouds with a breath
that sweeps away the thoughts in my mind
and a reach and draw back the cover
that hides God’s precious energy

And I open up my heart and ask to receive
The love that is the perfect fire
Of God’s amazing grace
And the masters sacred teachings

And here we all are
In this miraculous space and time
With the stars dancing with their mystic fire
And the sparks that catch me to remind

We are all one in this light of creation
Made with the source that brought this amazing energy
So we  can look up and have the memory and wish upon a star
And find it’s all here inside

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the sound of light

As the Light slips between the veils of time
There is a certain subtle whisper
A certain smile and a special vibe

Perhaps it’s the breath of an angel
Or the opening to a greater mind
That we can touch if we really try

Yet, how silent we must be
To capture this sweet sacred energy
That comes if we call from our soul
With such a precious sound to know

It’s there as our true one reflection of life
with a mirror that is infinite
and far beyond our limited sight
yet here for all to shine and ignite
with  atoms of energy so Bright
yes, we can harness them
and let the experience of life
take the power and the sparks we make
with every single moment in time and space
til somehow we choose to decide

how we use this gift of life
and how we share this energy
and the love that ever holds it for us to be
able ask the ones on a higher plane
what is our purpose so we can have a clue
How we can get past ourselves
And find a way to do
What we can to make some difference
For the better while we are here

And the light slips softly through the veils
And the angels watch and guard the way
And if we are silent we just might hear
The sound of light as it appears
And then in a moment we merge with it here

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Mystic Dance

Through the swirling stars
That dance like Van Gogh’s dreams
There is a certain strange mystery
That entices me to want to still believe

That there is this infinite gift of time and space
Which we can use to create and be
The magicians who ask to receive
and absorb and the Spirit we breathe

and this precious soul that is there
through all of our many lives
as we are drawn between dark and light
and this strange experience of life

And that soul brings this light forth
And carries the Spirit so Divine
With this exquisite beauty that is so hard to define
Which could be why everyday I always try and try

And this life that is given to us
To choose how we experience what we want to be
All just part of the Mystic dance as we fly
With the invisible partner we can’t quite reach

Yet if we spin and swirl like a dervish
Through this universal dream
And surrender to the divine mystery
One day the stars will sing to us

And we might be blessed to finally hear
That elusive heavenly music of the spheres
And we can leave the dream behind
And awaken to our true self that is the dreamer of the dream

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pray for Peace

Pray for peace

When the forces of darkness are battling
The light and the higher way
Then it’s time to call upon the power of love
that is a choice for us to use each day

Love is the only solution
And with it forgiveness can be
For Love is the true resolution
That will finally set you free

Friend of the One great Spirit
Brothers and sisters of the light
The time has come to pray for peace
We need to work together to set the world right

Pray for Peace for world is weary
And there is far too much hatred at work here
Pray for peace it’s the only solution
To bring an end to the killing and fear.

Pray for Peace from that place inside you
And ask for good will to come
With everyone’s cooperation
There has to be some understanding found

When there are those who hold the power
To wish to do great harm
We have to realize only death and destruction comes
From those who wish to fight with arms

War is not the answer
It has never been and will never be
We need to find a way to end the conflict
We need to pray for peace

May a little more love come into all hearts
May a little more understanding be found
May good will be our tool and intention
So we can find a way for love’s higher ground

Pray for peace, brothers and sisters
For in truth we are all one
And when we find that peace within
We can share it with Love til our work is done

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Heavenly Blue

Heavenly Blue
The light that holds heavens floor
Translucent is the vision
to see across distant shore

A blue that holds the Mother’s light
And the stars that there abide
A circle of 12 surround her head
And bring their brilliance cross the sky

Bring that radiant light forth
Bring it to that inner space
As a circle that can spiral forth
As a ray to heal and bring you to such grace

Receive the angels blessings
That the Queen of Angels Brings
Commit your self to serve the one
That the Holy Mother sees

Make a vow to serve with love
And dedicate yourself to be
One who works to help the world
To live the way of Peace

Heavenly Blue Light
Let your blessings be
And bring the grace of God
Here to us to set us free

Deliver us your glory
Deliver us your grace
Let the heavenly blue bring forth
The Crown of Stars to shine upon us
Throughout all time and space