Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Would you know

Would you know
if a gift from God was given 
would you even realize it is so
would you recognize all the blessings
That are there just waiting to be shown 

There are Angels all around you
Brought from Heaven to guide your way
But you can not even see them
In  your family and your friends
And the guardian animals you see each day

Would you let the magic touch you
Could you stop and laugh at life
would you  smile a little smile 
and know things will be alright

You've been down so long my friend 
you've been fighting to get by 
It's time the stop that battle 
and see the shining light 

find the blessings that surround you
open up your heart to love 
It's there waiting there for you to see
As a gift from heaven above 

it's time to wave that white flag 
Stop the war with life my friend
you're not a victim here 
with God you'll find peace again

Accept that you are worthy
For you have so much you give 
See how good it is to be alive 
With these gifts God given you to live 

Would you know how to let go
And let God be in control
be grateful and let love show
The blessings are there to know

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Music, -Meditational Tools - Spiritualists International Magazine

AN article I wrote on music and the power it heals to uplift us!

Music, -Meditational Tools - Spiritualists International Magazine

Monday, June 8, 2015

choose Love

With each moment you have a choice 
on what you set your attention 
intend to choose love 
for we are here to learn to love 
through all the tests
with every breath 
this one lesson calls us back over and over 

for when we do choose love we overcome anger, bitterness and hurt 
we learn to forgive and release 

We can understand and grow 
we see the oneness of all in spirit 
and we have The strength 
to be agents of God's light and love 

so choose love 
Choose Compassion  
choose forgiveness 
and follow the path of the heart 
To be the living presence of God's love
 in each and every moment 
So the soul can shine through you
And love as God loves
To become the living love of God
And fulfill your true purpose here in life

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Forgiveness can set you Free!

Why Hold on to the illusions
 Why hold onto what's not there
release the past and the sacrifices
release what might have been

release all the pain and despair
do not be lost
in the hold of mayas web
Laced with the karma of astral dreams

Call upon the angels
and the master of the light to redeem
understand the power of forgiveness
To heal the heart and broken schemes

Let the purification compassion
come and set you free
Allow the holy grace of God
In your life in this very moment
To be made whole and complete

For you are loved by God
You are here to learn to see
The power of that love I so great
So you can love yourself
And with that and be set free

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Blessings of the I AM

I am a beam of the light of G
ods creation
that flows from the source to the soul
Here for a while on this planet
As The very breath of living love

I am  a servant of God's energy
Living, breathing, working to prepare
this blessed Holy Spirit here in form
that learns as it seeks to share

the reflection of this beauty
The sounds of spirit in the holy word
All part of the living river of life
Blessed by of God's unconditional love

It pours from the source
As the perfect imperfection
that listens sometimes and hears
The sound of the cosmic vibrations
That reverberates within the body here

we dream of love
we hunger for light
in the vision that redeems
For a part of our spirit that lives forever
is granted by eternity

we work with their fellow humans
to lift our hearts together as one
And with compassion as our guide
We understand our purpose to become

The reason why we are here
To serve God with our love
Which we must find in others
And is also inside the heart of us

Listen and hear the calling
That comes at the break of dawn
It whispers to my soul
And brings me to that power
To believe that we can always grow

I am the living light of love
I am that I am
Alive here in this body mind and soul
the breadcrumbs of the holy communion

I Am the one who thirsts
to merge with the lord
a watercolor daydream that fades
With lightning bolts that flash with possibilities
As the breath of the wind
Asks me to worship you with praise

I am the breathe of wind
That blows forth from the ocean
to reach the stormy skies
To feed my hungry soul
With the gifts it can't define

I am the budding flower
that shimmers With beauty so divine
and opens up to the sun
To blossoms when love comes by

I am touched with the smile of masters love
With a promise yet to find

So I eat the message
That the fortune cookie holds
And it says:
You are you,  And I am I
we all will awaken in Gods good time

Beyond the limitations of this life
I see the merging of the one
creations manifestation awakening
to the I am the causes us to become

that living light of love
Alive in our body mind and soul
the awakening that comes to us
From the holy ones above

Monday, April 6, 2015

You are Worthy

So many times 
you haven't even tried 
to believe it's possible 
to reach for the golden ring 
or make that dream come true
 so you keep it hidden deep inside

there's something holding you back 
from even beginning to believe 
that you are worthy
And you are good enough to receive
what you really need 

open up your eyes
open up your heart 
see the true value 
of who you really are 
And the role you must play
to do your part 

for you are worthy 
and you can make a difference you see
If it's possible to imagine 
you can create it
if you can just believe 

but if you don't believe in yourself
 and if you feel you're not worthy
then you'll never even try 
to make that dream come true

But you are a child of God's creation 
open up your eyes and see 
that you can co-create with God 
and fulfill your role and true destiny 

Be true to yourself and find
 The miracle alive inside of you
It's got the power that you need
And it's waiting there for you to use

you can wish upon a star 
and dream that dream
of who you are 
with unlimited possibilities 

open up your eyes to see 
you can really make it happen 
if you can just believe 
you are worthy to receive 

so many times you've been told 
you're not good enough 
then you begin to believe it so 
the devil is there hiding in the ego
To hold you down Til you say no

So find the strength to say 
I am worthy 
and I have the strength 
to believe in myself 
to do what I need to do 

no matter what others say 
I am confident and strong 
and with Gods help I know it's true 
I can achieve whatever I need to do
 I am worthy and I believe 
it's possible to fulfill my dreams