Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Prayer

Dear Lord
On this Good Friday my prayer is sent to you
So you can help us finish up the work needed
As you find a way to redeem us
with your presence forth in all we are to do

Bring that pure light to our vision
So we can see past the darkness and illusion here
So that Christ light you carry
be in our spirit and minds can be clear

Let the love behind the love of all
That is the very source of God energy
Come into heart and soul
So we may understand and grow

And allow this great love to guide us
to live with compassion and forgiveness
 for ourselves and our fellow man
as we continue to plant the seeds you sowed

And may we set aside our egos
And realize the power of good that comes
When we learn the power of God’s pure love
 that can redeem our hearts and  so grow

to be able to serve you humbly
and let the grace you grant truly show
the blessings of this holy spirit
and the message you bring us so we may know

how to serve this love and light
and help to bring us peace within                                                               
so that the world will find a way
to let a higher will be in control

And so we bow in gratitude to you
And the blessed Mother and the Angels too
And all those who help with the work  you began
In the presence of great I am that I am

Thursday, April 17, 2014

in tune with the Universe

You can be in tune with the Universe
And the power of  one Light
The very source of all creation
Is alive and there to experience inside

And what you do with this gift
And what you choose to perceive
Is up to you to decide
And is based in how much you believe

So open up your heart
And let the love light in
And let the soul connect you
To power of God within

Be in tune with the universe
and the magic that is alive
and find that perfect energy
that aligns you with the One Universal mind

life does not have to be a struggle
when you connect with the energy of the source
and when you are in tune with the universe
you can be able to comprehend what you are here for

So let the power of the presence
Be alive in your soul
And let the soul guide you
To discover the way to know

How to let life be a blessing
So you can share the beauty you find
And you can be in tune with the Source of all
And help to serve humankind

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the Love of Loves

Commit to the Heart of Hearts
Commit to the energy of the  soul
Open to the Love of Loves
That is waiting for you to own

Open so carefully the Gifts
That are packaged in this Body and the mind
So it can joyfully hold
The power to release the truth it finds

So precious this blossoming of life
So many blessings waiting to unfold
There is a power in being yourself
That will bring the true being forth to know

The commitment to loving what you do
The commitment to caring how you show                                            
The way you to use the spirit
So you may create with Love and grow

For it is with Love we build what matters
For all matter will dissolve in time
And the gifts of creation with Love that will last
And live forever to serve humankind

So know the joy of creation
And commit to the heart of hearts
to build your life and what you do
And let love guide you as you find a way to renew

To fulfill the purpose of this life
To share the blessings that you are
To live with love in your life
And to commit to serve and to really care

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Red Moon

Say yes to the Magic of the Universe
As it sings a mystic tune
For there is a mystic wind calling
With the light of a blood red moon

And the clouds dance across the sky
And drape it in veils of mystery
That hypnotizes the mind to be aware
Of the power in the connection of the universal need

For there is Magic in the presence
That is alive in the colors that veil the moon
And there are circles of cosmic energy
That draw us to be aligned and free

There is an energy that brings us the movie of life
And the interaction we all feel
With the earth, the moon and the light
And the inner power of love we seek

Do you hear this calling
as the wind speaks with such a mystery
As the full moon is eclipsed
and we are in the center to be free

Say Yes to the magic
And listen to  the mystic tune
And gaze in wonder at the beauty
At the energy of a blood red moon

Monday, April 14, 2014

Embrace the Beauty of Life

I Embrace the Good of God’s creation
And I open my heart to believe
That the Beauty of Heaven Is here in this moment
Just waiting for me to receive

All is clear, all is present
In this magic I fully can see
As I embrace the good of God’s perfection
I’m alive in the love of the hearts energy

Hear the words of the teacher
As they whisper into your soul
And share the secrets of the Masters
For those who are ready to know.

All of this light is present
For you to use in this time of rebirth
All of the energy of the cosmos
Can be brought forth to transform this Earth

For all of this is God’s Creation
And the good God is brings forth life
Embrace the Good, embrace the love
And bring forth this power of  this transforming light