Monday, April 6, 2015

You are Worthy

So many times 
you haven't even tried 
to believe it's possible 
to reach for the golden ring 
or make that dream come true
 so you keep it hidden deep inside

there's something holding you back 
from even beginning to believe 
that you are worthy
And you are good enough to receive
what you really need 

open up your eyes
open up your heart 
see the true value 
of who you really are 
And the role you must play
to do your part 

for you are worthy 
and you can make a difference you see
If it's possible to imagine 
you can create it
if you can just believe 

but if you don't believe in yourself
 and if you feel you're not worthy
then you'll never even try 
to make that dream come true

But you are a child of God's creation 
open up your eyes and see 
that you can co-create with God 
and fulfill your role and true destiny 

Be true to yourself and find
 The miracle alive inside of you
It's got the power that you need
And it's waiting there for you to use

you can wish upon a star 
and dream that dream
of who you are 
with unlimited possibilities 

open up your eyes to see 
you can really make it happen 
if you can just believe 
you are worthy to receive 

so many times you've been told 
you're not good enough 
then you begin to believe it so 
the devil is there hiding in the ego
To hold you down Til you say no

So find the strength to say 
I am worthy 
and I have the strength 
to believe in myself 
to do what I need to do 

no matter what others say 
I am confident and strong 
and with Gods help I know it's true 
I can achieve whatever I need to do
 I am worthy and I believe 
it's possible to fulfill my dreams

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rejoice, Rejoice

Hear the sound of spring 
of the promise of hope that it brings
With a joy of everlasting light
That Christ shines upon everything 

Rejoice, rejoice

It is a brand new day 
embrace the love  that frees you 
the dark dreams are gone away


Release the past and you will find
there is a rebirth that is possible
 that delivers you to your new path
to heaven that you can climb

believe and be renewed 
listen to the calling  and hear
 the sound alive within
With seed that is blossoming there

 Let the spark of joy be alive
See the spirit that is present
In the souls Eternal Life
 listen to its words 
And let your voice be heard 

Rejoice rejoice

A new morning is here right now
And the time has arrived
So do not delay
The Holy Spirit is here today

the spark of love is born again
 in every heart right now
there is a sacred spring that is harkening 
with the new energy that calls

Rejoice rejoice 
Let that Divine love fill your heart
There is a brand new calling 
let it renew you to make a brand new start

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Roll Away the Stone

Roll Away the Stone
Remove the elements that block your light
Let the Joy that from the heart of God’s Love
That shines from the soul so bright.

And who is it that would choose to be free
From the darkness that has blocked your way?
What is it that now has the power
 Lead you to the light so you can truly see.

Roll away the stone.
That has held you captive all these years
For you have come down from the cross
And it’s time to remove the limitations and fear.

Roll away the stone
Let the pain be healed
Let the power of love release you
So you can believe what’s good in you and me.

For the light that is the Christ
Is born again on this Easter morn,
And you can choose the path
That resurrects you to be reborn.

This is the gift of the seasons of time
and the gift that God’s great love can bring
This is the promise given at Spring
And this is the hope of all living things.

Roll away the stone
Let joy be the alive in your heart
Let the everlasting love be alive
as it leads you to eternal light.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Be the One

Be the way
to overcome the negative
and see the positive
to use the power
of compassion and divine love
To bring our gifts forth

be the one
 to embrace our message
and reach the highest potential
For we all have been blessed
With a creative force for good

we can share our blessings
For we are vehicles
that can express our truth
so others may learn
from the lessons we have learned

Be the truth
be the way
to show forgiveness
each and every day

and allow compassion
to transform all
So all of our judgments
Are flooded with understanding

we have the power
To make a difference
we can create
the inspiration for change
if we except the roles
we each are created to play

we each can work as an offering
sharing a lifetime of experience
as we express our truth
fearlessly with love
with courage
with caring
with compassion
we can fulfill our true purpose
so that we can work together as one

when we become the way
to be the truth
as was shown by the teacher
who was the way
the truth
and the life

so we can also become
the way live to  with truth
and be the life
living with divine love
that was shown by Christ

be the way
be the truth
with love and compassion
Understanding and fulfilling
our divine purpose
To live with love each day
When we become the way