Friday, October 31, 2014


There is laughter in the silence
Waiting to be heard
There is a voice that seems to whisper
And speaks without a word

There is a Heart that holds a promise
Made so long ago
And find the power of the One true Love
From which such sweet dreams come from

A smile comes from the soul
And connects with those who see
What our life can unveil
Is truly the greatest mystery

And the past is now a story
And what you choose from it to relate
From your souls perspective
There is a new foundation you can make

You can laugh and hear the truth
Behind time and its mysteries
You can listen closely and hear
The place where boundaries disappear

Every Breathe is a gift
With which we can choose to be
In tune with Spirit as our life force
With endless blessings that it brings

There is a heart that wishes
To find true love somewhere
While life unfolds in every moment
And love is waiting to appear

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Get With God

Get with God

Everything else can wait
The most important thing you can do today
Is to get with God’s energy
And bring it into your life today

Get with God Beloved
Find his light and let it bring
the  blessings into your life
and let that lovelight be within

Let your heart be open
And expand the love you find
Let it into all your life
And let it that light just shine

There is this holy Grace
You can find when you really call
Do not be afraid or delay
To bring that love to all

Get with God Beloved
Let that love be alive
Let it renew and heal you
So your problems can be solved

Everything else can wait
That most important thing you need to make
is an appointment to get with God
and feel the love that is good today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How Blessed we are

How Blessed we are

Sitting in the Silence
Listening to the drops of rain
As they fall and wash this Earth
and cleanse this blessed day

I am touched by the recognition
How blessed we are and don’t see
How blessed we truly are
How blessed this life can be

We are touched by the Creations Grace
We are honored to live in this sacred place
We are able to walk on this ancient land
That houses us and feeds us
And brings us such exquisite beauty
so we see how Great is the I am that I am

In this world of polarities
Experiencing Dark and Light
And the shadows that accent existence
of form and what the sun makes so bright

How Blessed we are to be here
How blessed we are in this life
More blessed than we really can recognize
As we run around and live our lives.

So it’s nice to take a moment
Perhaps at the start or end of the day
To say thank you God for giving me life
And for bringing me so many blessings everyday.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A new Foundation

From the highest point of the soul
To very base of your life
Let the energy be transformed
And let healing now be known

As we raise the mind up to the Light
And let the Power of God join with us now
And bring us to what is good and right

As we let that light clear away
The old energies that have held us there sway
The past is past
And we have learned so much
And have built a foundation
To make a new start

And bring us to the integration
Of what we can live with now
To change our lives
And the place our awareness dwells

We ask in this moment to be free
Come Now spirit
Let your pure energy bring us its Blessings

Come into the heart of hearts
Let the healing work find its way
From that highest point we connect to within
To the way we live our lives each day

Friday, October 24, 2014


World Goodwill Seminar sat. oct. 25th

Imagine a World where we all work as one
Working together for the good of all
yes, it already has begun

There are seeds have been planted
And the blossoms have been seen
You can almost breathe the fragrance
Of the brother and sisterhood who hold the dream

Imagine a world where we serve
The positive energy of Goodwill
And we let that energy motivate us
And we use it everyday

When see the good in others
We can see the God in all
And monitor our thoughts
To block the negativity’s call

And the Light of the soul can guide us
And we set our intentions every day
To work with love and understanding
And let kindness be our way

For Goodwill is God’s will
And with it there are countless blessings that exist
for as we blesse others
We find what God’s love really is

Imagine a world where good lives
And with it we have the secret key
For good will holds the answer
To bring us Understanding and Peace