Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Come now Holy Dove

Silhouettes of flocks of birds fly
across the softness pink of the  morning sky
the holy dove of spirit circles
with greetings from the soul on high

Come now the bells of dawn
And ring so loud and true
Let me here your calling
And help it guide me to God’s love so true

And a strange soft smile flutters
And brings my heart delight
With the gift of possibilities
That comes with dawns soft light

The Holy gift of spirit comes
And fills my body and soul
It Infuses my very mind
To see now the chariot of hope

To Carry me to the place
That awaits the journey on
It hold the secrets of life
And the echoes of loves sweet song

As Angels of the morning
Whisper words to me
To allow me hear promises
that me the strength to believe

There is a beauty so sublime
In this life we are given to see
There is a blessing offered by the Holy Mother
with a vision offered to me

and here in this hotel room
on the river Limmat
I feel such gratitude for life
And the chance to really live it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the Holy Chalice

The  Breath of the Holy Chalice

Could you be the very breath of the Holy Chalice
Could you hold the spirit of that love divine
Can you reach up and take the cup that was offered
And receive the light from heaven that is yours to find

Can you drink the sweetest nectar
From the fountain at the secret Source
Can you believe that you are really able
To be the one who understands humanity’s course

For we are the ones who listen
We are the ones who hear the call
We are the messengers of the light
And we are here to share these messages with all

We can be the breath of Spirit
For we are here to bring that spirit forth
We have been given the gift of God
To birth the creations dream into form

The Chalice holds the blessings
As does the Mother to the Child
And we are all the children of God
Searching for a way to be reborn

So breathe the breath of Spirit in
And reach for the holy Chalice of Love
And let the sacred waters pour forth
Through you to bring the blessings from above

We are here as Spirit in form
This is the miracle life can bring
We have the power to stand at the alter
And let these blessings be

Take a moment to believe
This power you hold in your soul is true
And know that you are worthy
To live with God’s Love within the heart of you

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Yes, Yes, Yes
Forgive yourself right now
forgive yourself beloved
and don’t let the darkness disappear

Just ask the Lord for forgiveness
And know you are forgiven if you just believe
know that you are worthy in God’s eyes
To be filled with his forgiveness if you are open to receive

You must be able to release the past
And realize the mistakes you made
Were all lessons to learn and grow from
To gain compassion for what others do and say

So pack up all your worries
And say goodbye to all those cares
Let all those things that brought you down
Just slip away my dear

And start with a new Beginning
On this journey that you began so long ago
And believe with Faith that God will guide you
And his light will guide you on the way to go

And when you forgive yourself
You can learn to forgive others too
And when you forgive others
God’s love can shine through you

Yes, Yes, Yes Forgiveness is the Key
Forgiveness how the power to set the past free
So you can learn to love again
And find that you are truly healed.

Friday, September 5, 2014

hope on the Horizon

There is Hope on the Horizon
As I look out to the distance to see
Past the storm clouds there is a golden light
The breaking of the new dawn is shining through to me

There is a certain freshness on the land
And the rain has washed the earth clean
And I feel such great understanding now
From all the lessons I have learned to fulfill my destiny

There is hope on the horizon
And it leads me past the illusions and despair
For with ever dream comes an awakening
To a greater reality waiting for us to share

And if we can stop and be quiet
And go deep within and pray
And if we can have faith and just believe
There always comes new and brighter day

And from a higher plane of being
There are angels who watch and help us to see
If we can surrender to God’s love
His light will guide us eternally

That there is hope on the horizon
Past the darkness with the vision to see
this path that leads us past hard times
And to a new and brighter reality.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life's Lessons

Take all of the pearls of wisdom
And put them to work in your life
Take all the lessons you’ve learned 
And use them as tools to share your souls light

For your life is not a distraction
You are not here to escape
But to enjoy  so you can learn to embrace
Life, love the problems and the answers
 the experience and the time here among the  human race

and though the burdens you carry may seem heavy
you can always lay them down at the Lords feet
and surrender your will to God’s will
to find a way to see a greater meaning

so have faith beloved
for you will survive the lessons that you need
and will learn and gain from these experiences
lthough they may feel hard to release

let the power of the Angels and the Master come to you
and you will find there is help at hand
and you will be stronger and wiser
and you will have the power to carry on

so take the gifts your were given
and use them as you may
to get to a better place
and you know that will find a way
to live with God’s grace love and