Friday, February 5, 2016

Beyond gravity

in this endless dream of life
we navigate the voyage
between the soaring of the  soul and the gravity
that we all have come so well to know

and there are so many ways to escape
what the news brings us in this rat race
can we accept our own actuality 
 and this earthly debtor have  to gravity 

while loving the life we lead 
and surviving the pain and grief 
still feeling that inner need 
to see a  new and clearer reality

Theres a compass we can hold
to guide us through the roadblocks 
of the dark night of the soul
to find the path that shows

the way to happiness we can know
and the sweetness that unfolds
when we say yes to all of life
even the secrets hidden in the shadows 

til we grow into just who we really are
here on earth and still wishing on a morning star
a breath of time undefined 
beyond the mind we will find
a love to discover  hidden deep in all mankind 

Thursday, February 4, 2016


sounds of morning are calling
Spinning with Life's energy
Calling to accept the clues
creation is here for you to use 

can you hear life calling
Calling forth a new day
Is there any answer you hear 
but to be glad to awake

Reach up and touch the sky
Be Here in  this moment and alive 
Say yes to all of life
the path is yours to find

there's a calling and your answer
as the spinning  planets dancer
one who chooses spirit and this matter
to seek of signs of the great master 

hear the heart's sweet song
and the words that are offered along 
 in the calling that is birthed 
in the awakening of this earth

hear the calling of all life
you are a part of this  space and time
you are the answer you precious dancer
 creations breath is there to take 

sounds of morning are calling
Spinning with Life's energy
Calling to accept the clues
creation is here for you to use

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Feel the joy

can you feel the joy
can you be glad to be alive
in this very moment
are you aware of the miracle of life

life can overwhelm you
and sometimes bring you down
so stop and take a moment
to count the blessings you have my found

feel the joy
feel the grace
and be oh so thankful
for the gifts of friends to embrace

the power of creation
is yours to use
for in this life you create 
whatever you choose

choose the joy
choose to smile
let life be a blessing
and know all the while

feel the joy that's present in life
let it shine forth in your light
fulfill who you are meant to be
a part of this loving creations dream 

Friday, January 29, 2016

You are an angel

can you see the Angels
the surround you with love my friend
do you feel the blessings
 they bring us to the end

their wings protect and hold you
from the dangers that appear
yes you have guardian angels
that watch over you in life here

and can your vision possibly see
the angel you will one day be
with the power to return one day
and help you when you pray

for there are angels waiting to be born
inside each of us is a evolving  form 
until one fine day we'll be reborn 
and we'll become angels of the morn

for now on earth we hide
behind ego and our pride
we cannot even see
the angels watching over you and me

can you see the Angels
the surround you with love my friend
do you feel the blessings they bring
 can you hear the songs that ring 

Just listen to the birds that sing
can you hear the message 
of joy and a lighter way
to fly and be happy each day

perhaps they really know
that one day we will  grow
yes  we're evolving you know
with the  buds deep within our souls

one day we'll be free of earthly ties
and we will grow our wings and fly
far into heavenly realms
and cross over into distant lands

and soar through space and time
until one day with  light we'll be refined
and we will meet the queen of angels 
and then we will find

Guardian angels were with us all the time
although we could not see
their presence is a such blessing
as they watch over you and me

and one day we'll be angels and free
to soar across the heavens and see 
That there is a budding angel
that is evolving  there in you and me

Thursday, January 28, 2016

if you Could see the Beauty

if you were to see the beauty
of creations true face
could you reflect this vision
and share the gifts of this place

 such a love is given to us
in which we live and yet never know
the blessings of heaven surround us
if we can just let ourselves go with the flow

if you were a star in the sky
could you shine  forth oh so bright
that you could lead the world
to find a way to their own light 

ah the beauty of the love
that created this sacred place
see the gifts so glorious
that are blessings we can embrace

give thanks for all these blessings
that God has given to you
and try to love as the Creator does
and miracles will happen it's true 

if you could just see the beauty of creation
and life's unfolding mysteries
what a wonderful world it could be 
if you could open your eyes and see

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

when the Holy Mother Speaks

her Voice speaks in colors
rainbows of light that shine
vibrations that bring a heavenly smile
to embrace you with such love divine

the blessed Words of the Holy Mother
whisper to your soul
listen close and you'lll discover
the inner  truth you can uncover

her voice speaks with kindness 
for she  understands 
the ties that bind us
and the darkness that blinds us

breathe deep the compassion
with the fragrance of the spirits actions 
rose petals fall from heavens  mansions
such blessings are the gifts that happen

when the Holy Mother speaks
her messages bring instructions to absorb
they reach deep within  your core
to understand what you are really here for

her voice speaks in rainbows
of such a heavenly light
that opens our hearts 
so we can decide

to follow the path 
so we can become
true disciples of the Holy One
to be delivered  with grace to her son

listen in silence and you will feel 
her love surround you
and your purpose revealed
so you can find that inner peace
When the Holy Mother Speaks

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let Go and let God

Breathe in the breath of spirit
 breathe in the light of the mothers love
 release all fear and worries
call upon Gods loving presence here

Let go of all the tension and stress
and let yourself now know
You are not your ego 
Let go and let God be in control

Give over your worries and your fears 
let go and believe it is so
For God is right there within you
And you can become healed and whole

So Let go let go
Let God be in control 
believe in your heart it is so
God is right here with you
let God be in control

breathe in peace 
Breathe in light
Breathe in the love you need
Let go of all your worries and fear
 God is in control here 

You are made from creations light
You are blessed child of God
Part of the one great source of life
You have more gifts than you know

Give thanks for all the blessings
Give thanks for all you've received
Give thanks by giving back
To others who are in need

Give over your worries and your fears 
let go and believe it is so
For God is right there within you
And you can be healed you know

so when you are out of control
ibreathe in deep and know
you can smile and remember  this simple phrase
So Let go let go
Let God be in control 

Monday, January 25, 2016


 Comfort me Mary 
Feed this hungry soul
let me retreat to your sacred place 
and find the windflower that speaks 
secrets in silence of the unknown

come and sing 
Bring forth praises of exultation
bring your joy to envelop
all my weary expectations

come now and let me understand 
how to serve your love with compassion 
forever held in your hands
for all our fellow man

comfort me with the peace
that is there when i retreat
to your heart held space
that holds such divine grace

And let your mercy lift the veil
And bring the power to prevail
wth the breath of your pure space
Yo find bessings of loves way


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Would you know

Would you know
if a gift from God was given 
would you even realize it is so
would you recognize all the blessings
That are there just waiting to be shown 

There are Angels all around you
Brought from Heaven to guide your way
But you can not even see them
In  your family and your friends
And the guardian animals you see each day

Would you let the magic touch you
Could you stop and laugh at life
would you  smile a little smile 
and know things will be alright

You've been down so long my friend 
you've been fighting to get by 
It's time the stop that battle 
and see the shining light 

find the blessings that surround you
open up your heart to love 
It's there waiting there for you to see
As a gift from heaven above 

it's time to wave that white flag 
Stop the war with life my friend
you're not a victim here 
with God you'll find peace again

Accept that you are worthy
For you have so much you give 
See how good it is to be alive 
With these gifts God given you to live 

Would you know how to let go
And let God be in control
be grateful and let love show
The blessings are there to know

Sunday, October 4, 2015

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